5 Lyrical Ideas

Being set a task to produce 5 lyrical ideas in a song writing class in a challenge for me as a drummer. I have produced some ideas that could be used in a composition;

Rhyming couplets – Deep down I know you’re scared, but listen close and you’ll be prepared.

Drawing inspiration from clever song lyrics:

Eg Panic! At The Disco – Memories – “And it was beautifully depressing,
Like a street car named Desire.”

Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier “Feel it penetrating the skin, we begin to relax
When it’s just the two of us, and a cute little cup of cyanide”


You can’t have everything, and in a way that’s your blessing (half-rhyme)

If euphoria is what you seek, ….

I left school at seventeen, discovered sex and self-esteem, then realised that I have no chance to maintain a steady theme

I truly couldn’t believe my eyes, and then he gave me some advice, he said, Seb, you can’t rhyme.


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