Trinity Grade 8 Drums

Trinity Grade 8 Drums. Where to begin?

For my instrumental studies I have been given a grade 8 Trinity drum solo to learn and perform. After the first session I recorded a video to establish and evidence my starting point:

The major benefit of recording yourself is that you can then attempt a slightly more objective analysis of your skills and prowess at what you are attempting. In this case I was able to watch back what I had played and drew the following conclusions:

  • The main groove is solid, but lacks feel.
  • The foot keeping time on the high hat sometimes slips out of time.
  • I am missing out a kick in the main groove.
  • All the rudiments are slow, unpractised.
  • I haven’t tried to co-ordinate the rudiments and the foot pattern at the tempo of the piece yet.

I will therefore continue practising the rudiments, consolidate the main groove and then bring all the elements together in the final piece.


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