Recording -The Riff

In our recording lesson we recorded a riff that Mirron had written, hence the name ‘mirron riff’. I played drums on this track and what follows is an analysis of the recording process of the track.

music production analysis – LO4

We used two mics, two channels and recorded in stereo. This was based of old recordings where there was a limited number of channels and the mic positioning and setup of the room – amps, drums – played a large part of this.

The 3rd take was best because Joe Lewis’ lead guitar was the most heard with best overall body and balance. Both mics were placed in middle of the room with mics surrounding them. One mic was placed high, one was placed low. Instrument panning, bass central, guitars more to right, kick drum more to right, overheads and snare more to the left. Ambience is quite distant but has best overall. Panning had best balance, ambience could be used for effect.

All takes had ambience that can be used for effect. Two tracks can make things easier.

1st take, both mics in middle of room facing outwards surrounded by amps, at middle height in line with amps. Achieved a balanced sound at the centre of the room. Joes guitar almost unaudible, drums overpowered, left side was louder, due to bad amp placement. So changed position of mics to avoid drums and bass overpowering guitars.

2nd take, left was placed closer between bass and drums, right was placed further away near the guitars. amps were faced away to avoid as much bleed from drums. Did to try and get balanced sound and alter the volumes we tried same height to maintain similar ambience to first take. Ambience was clear. However Joe’s guitar was too quite in mix. Could be to do with amp eq as well as amp volume being to low.

4th take, mics were placed left and right side of the room. Bass was too quiet, guitars too quiet, drums overpowered. Panning, drums centered, guitars right, bass left. Created a very different ambiance due to guitar taking longer to bounce of the walls and reach mics, resulting in a distant ambiance.


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