Aural Perception LO1.2

Aspects of Musical Performance:

In my mind there are several aspects that me up a full musical performance. First is the technique; to be able to perform, you need to be able to play your instrument to a decent level. You don’t have to have an incredible level of virtuosity, depending on the style of music you are performing and playing, but the skills, technique and ability to use your instrument to create a cohesive performance is imperative. Second is individual flare. Although this may not strictly be part and parcel of a performance its always been vitally important to me. Watching a band or an individual musician who is boring on stage and has no interaction or flare about them doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Some level of movement and engagement is vital. Next, and possibly most importantly, is preparation. Any level of musician can perform to the highest extent if they are well prepared. By the same token musicians of an incredible standard can also let themselves down through a lack of preparation. This preparation can come in a number of different formats, from learning of arrangements to practice on your instrument to working on performing and moving on stage. In addition to this, the staging, lights, aesthetics of the performance and many other elements can have a bearing on the way in which a performance is perceived.

In conclusion, all of these elements need to come together to form a truly impressive ‘show’. Some can be missed and not jeopardise a performance but for a large scale impressive show they all need to be present.


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