Music Production Analysis

Very basic texture, two principle layers, vocals and a backing piano – some sound effects of a lamb overdubbed. It is has one melody line, with piano backing up the vocals, the timbre is rounded and set up for a childs listening, nothing complicated, no effects put on the vocals etc.

Rhythmically the track stays exactly the same throughout; no changes in length of beats and the piano goes through the chord progression with the same rhythm and pattern throughout the whole thing. There is no backing percussion of any kind so analysing the rhythmic elements is a challenge. The piece even follows a Primary structure of AAA, meaning there aren’t changes later on.

This track by english pop rock band Lower Than Atlantis is a much better representation and allows much more analysis of texture and timbre. Starting with vocals and clean guitar there are already hints of ambience and other layers of synth behind the intro. When the guitar chugs come in the whole feel and attitude of the song changes. The sound production becomes most evident when the drums come in, with highly compressed punchy sounding drums the focus on having a ‘loud’ sound in which everything is clear and easily audible, from the guitars to the backing vocals. It is evident from this that the distortion on the guitars and the overall tone of the instruments and vocals is geared towards being grungy and heavy seeming whilst maintaining an unnaturally polished sound.

Rhythmically, the piece follows a 4/4 structure, the guitars chugging in pattern in the intro and first verse which goes over two bars. The drum beat is complex, with a combination of 8th notes and 16th notes on the high hat with a complex cross stick pattern on the snare. The kick drum is on the 1 of every bar. In the chorus the drums are fast, 8th notes on the ride and ghosted notes combined with an offtime back beat on the snare. The drummer performs a number of linear fills throughout the song, speed combined with the phrasing of these makes them very effective.


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