Evaluate musical characteristics of different pieces

American Idiot – Green Day

  • Track is in 4/4
  • Written in A Flat
  • Standard Tuning on instruments
  • 4 chords, verse part is a 1-4-5-7 progression with the chorus and bridge moving to a 4-1-5-1 progression.

This is an inherently simplistic style and composition of music, lacking major dynamics or complicated rhythms. Despite this it is still a powerful and well written pop rock, or pop punk song.

YYZ – Rush

  • Into in 5/4, other sections varying in measure
  • Intro rhythm renders YYZ in morse code; referring to Rush’s home airport of Toronto
  • The rest of the song follows a A-B-C-B-A arc structure
  • Inherently more complex than the Green Day track, the guitar, bass and drums all play complicated rhythms and lines.

Both are fantastic tracks in their own right, but will appeal to different types of musicians and music consumers in general.


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