Passion Paragraph

Task – Write a paragraph about something you are passionate about:

Today I am going to write about animal cruelty. The fact that people consciously injure and hurt defenceless animals as a form of sick pleasure is disgusting. Actions against human on this level would result in years in prison, yet when dogs are thrown out of moving cars, kicked, abandoned or injured in some way it gets disregarded, or pushed to the side somewhat. On a tangent, seeing animals injured or hurt in films or media of some kind is infinitely more upsetting than watching the same thing happen to a human. I believe that this is down to the lack of power and and authority domesticated animals seem to command. Sick twisted individuals feel the need to assert dominance, and to do so against another person would be too difficult, would cause them troubles and issues that a pet wouldn’t. An animal can’t speak out, can’t call the police, can’t tell anyone whats going on; and because of that it’s completely unacceptable.


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