Social media in personal and professional life

Today I am going to be discussing the differences between using social media in your personal life and your professional life. Inside of different social media platforms there are elements that can be useful in one area and problematic in the other.

Facebook Messenger is a highly powerful tool, in your personal life it is ideal for keeping in contact with people and for reaching out to other musicians (through Facebook). However, as a professional tool, it’s not highly regarded as a means of contact. To reach out to any management or professional endeavour using Facebook as a means is not considered professional.

Facebook has both personal and professional capabilities. Personally, you can check up on what friends are doing, engage and respond to life events and have political discussions or intellectual discussions over various topics. So on a level this is ideal, however.. On a professional level this can be problematic as political issues or contrasting beliefs can cause friction between business partners. Disagreements on this level should be removed from the professional workplace, but there is disparity between certain professions, music being one where people struggle to eliminate these misconceptions.

Speaking more generally now, gaining a following on social media platforms can be a huge business asset. When approached, being able to say you have a powerful online following could be a tipping point between a possible business engagement and the end of a professional relationship developing. This following can can give you a proximity to fans, where personal skills and methods of engagement can become business assets. So called ‘people skills’ can cause a direct correspondence between engagements and following. The counterargument to this is that this becomes a popularity contest, that people who are better at engaging and interacting with people will have infinitely more success than someone who is less good at this.


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