28th September 

Elements that make up a song.

It can have..

  • Lyrics/intentions
  • Melody
  • Chord progression
  • Blend of instruments
  • Hook
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm
  • Tambre
  • Structure

Listening – James brown track

Shouting, noises, energy, motivational, scatting, harmonies (getting you to move) no long sustained notes, punchy and staccato, rhythmic style of delivery,

Rhythm in the melody’s and music have to tie in with the instrumentation

Ideoglossia – idiosyncratic language

Different approaches to song-writing

Songwriting – 5th Oct

Writing a song around 1 chord:

Sense of chorus came from repetition of lyrics,

Lyrics used as point of interest,

Telling a story, maintain focus,

Vocal harmonies

Tone and sound – of guitar, drums, vibe, groove, soloing


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