Photos for Social Media

In a marketing lesson with Steve we began discussing brand identity, having a concise and constant ‘image’ across your social media sites. I came to the conclusion that having one photo or graphic across all the sites looked more professional. This tied in with the fact that carrying around a smart phone gave you a massive opportunity to capture and share photos of exciting or interesting things you come across. In addition, if it was a photo that stood out or was eye-catching in some way it would serve the dual purpose of giving a cohesive appearance across the sites and standing out and catching peoples eyes.

We were sent to take some photos, go through and select the best ones then sort out and edit one for use on our social media sites.

I took a few:

All the photos were taken using the inbuilt camera on my iPhone SE. The first 4 were done with the lights out, using a phone flash as a spotlight on my face and hands and then the flash on my phone to capture the whole image. Although the blur of the hands looked cool, the quality suffered enough for us to decide that this was not a viable option. After this we tried a mixture of moving ‘action’ type shots and some still and posed ones.

I ended up with two favourite photos out of the bunch:

Using an iPhone and android app called Snapseed, recommended to us by Steve I set about quickly editing the photos.

I quickly edited the two photos using a combination of saturation, brightness, cropping, healing and the vast array of features under the ‘tune image’ section. I ended up with these two photos:

I quickly realised that I had massively over edited the first photo and decided that the second photo was the best one to go for.

This was the transformation the photo had gone through:

I then uploaded it to my Facebook music page, and will continue to use it across my different social media’s as I expand more and create more music dedicated pages.


Overall this was a fascinating lecture as it expanded upon a number of different areas. It caused me to give more thought to what I post on social media, how it can influence peoples opinions of me and how it can have a large effect on how I appear to people online. In addition to this it gave me a deeper understanding of how to use a photo editing app, introduced and hammered home the importance of a smartphone, and how it can be exploited as a musicians tool.


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