Personnel Needed for Live Music Events

What personnel are needed to organise and manage live events? I will endeavor to explain and elaborate on the different personnel needed in the following article. 


A live event cannot happen without an organiser, the person who has the first idea and begins to ‘get the ball rolling’ with organising the event itself. This person can double up and do other roles but is integral in the foundation of the event.


Often the same person as the organiser this individual is tasked with selecting the artists for the event and then creating a buzz, using different forms of publicity, and get people to come to the gig.


Although obvious, people cannot forget the artist(s) that will be performing. The choice of people can massively change the event, from the budget to the target audience. For example, to book a well known signed band a much larger venue would be needed, everything about the event would need to be scaled up, venue, security etc.

Sound Technician

Vital for any live music performance are the sound technicians/engineers. They will work with the band using the venues (or hired) sound system to get the best balance and allow the band to hear everything clearly.


Often endearingly referred to as ‘punters’ these people are vital to any performance or live event as they make up the majority of the crowd. Aside from the people involved in the other areas discussed in this assignment they are the people who will attend and pay the entrance fee, as well as hopefully propping up the bar simultaneously.


Depending on the size and type of venue, security might be needed to keep people in order/manage crowds. If the event is in a pub they might already have bouncers on the doors, doubling up as control for the event itself.

Bar Staff

The vast majority of live events will have a bar and alcohol available. To supply the audience with their drinks, experienced bar staff are a necessity.


Loading a bands gear into a venue and setting up. Then packing down and loading it back into vans at the end of the gig is a hard job, and depending on the size of the outfit there could be whole lighting and sound rig as well. Roadies might therefore be required to help with this.






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