Common questions to come up in interviews:

  • What are your influences/inspirations?
  • What are you plans for the future?
  • How did you get into music

– How did you start? Influences and inspirations? Wild card? Ideal band to play with?

Where would interview skills be useful?

  • Journalist
  • Researching into a topic, so asking questions about a specific area
  • Speaking to/making contacts at conventions/concerts

Tasked with interviewing another person in the lesson, we got given time to devise three questions, the ones written above and then interviewed someone using them:

How did you get into music?

What are your principle influences/inspirations?

Who would your perfect artist or band be to play with? And why?

Following this we switched roles and Joe asked me his set of questions:


I found that asking and somewhat paraphrasing the questions to make them fit seamlessly into a conversation. When it came to my interview, linked below, I struggled to find a smooth way of transitioning between different points. Keeping what I was saying clear and concise without rambling whilst also elaborating on the point I was giving.

A favourite interview I have seen is this one with Tre Cool, drummer for Green Day. He talks about his musical approach and recording process and the format of the interview is similar to the ones I conducted. The interviewer asks questions, fitting them seamlessly into the whole stream of the conversation.

General Notes:

Access given through being a journalist can be very valuable. Write a podcast/interviews on your own website. All done while your personal reputation grows. Asking open ended questions, letting people talk, giving musicians space to talk.


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