Supporting Cabbage

On Saturday the 29th October 2016, my band Ivory Wave supported Cabbage at the Kasbah Nightclub in Coventry:

The times we were given prior to the concert were as follows:

  • 20:15 – Load in
  • 22:00 – Doors
  • 23:00 – Stage time

We arrived at the agreed time, loaded into the empty venue, the only people being there apart from us were the headline band, Manchester based Cabbage;

The sound engineers and other crew members moved had already set up the gear and soon after we arrived they began soundchecking. The duration of this was about an hour, leaving us a 20 min soundcheck just before the doors of the venue opened.

The drum kit was set up as below:


I had brought my breakable, including stands, kick pedal, snare and cymbal, Roland SPD-SX sample pad, in ear monitors and desk. I asked for and received a send from the desk so I could mix my own balance of sample pad, metronome and band. The soundcheck was comprehensive, with the house sound engineer mixing our front of house sound, as well as helping us with our monitoring.

Below are a selection of photos from the venue/night:

When we went on stage, we played our 6 song set, lasting half an hour to a semi-full venue. The audience received our music very well, with people tweeting the headline band asking who their support band were. fullsizeoutput_602

The fan turnout to see us was minimal, partly through a lack of specific promotion on our part and partly through the distance Coventry is from Birmingham. Due to the focus we have poured into Birmingham, both gigging and promotion wise the majority of our fan-base is situated there.

Overall, the gig went well, good feedback from everyone involved and we played very well and consistently as a band. Our rehearsals strategies of running the set multiple times each practice, of breaking down the songs and nailing each part meant that the each song and the set as a whole ran smoothly. With everything rehearsed up to a point of being done without thinking it left us the freedom to perform more to the audience. We also play all our tracks to click, although due to budget we could not afford a full in ears set for the band so I have the metronome and in-ears and I keep time, counting the songs off before we begin.



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