Rehearsal Diary for Ivory Wave

Wednesday 28th September

This practice was used as preparation for a concert we had on Friday 30th September. The concert was at the Sunflower Lounge, supporting a touring American band called Broncho.

We arrived at practice, set up our gear and began by running through the set as it would be performed. All the songs were already well rehearsed and we practiced running the transitions and tightening up parts around the songs themselves, dialogue between each number, discussed stage presence etc.

Sunday 2nd October

We arrived, set up and discussed positives and negatives from the last gig. The performance had been good, very tight with little to no mistakes. Great response and reaction from the audience, positive feedback from the promoters and other musicians.

After doing this we decided to work on a new track. After roughly recording in some samples to my Roland SPD-SX we ran the track. After a few runs we recorded a rough video:

Overall, the track went well, although the samples I had didn’t all match up. Passing from second chorus into the bridge there was an outro which had to be ignored, and the length of the bridge sample was only half of what it should’ve been. Despite this the track and practice we both very productive.

Wednesday 5th October

This practice was used as a photography session, as the photos used by the band in press releases and on social media didn’t do the band any justice. Using a local photographer we went round multiple local locations and tried out different styles of photos in each. These came out well and the best are being used on our social media currently.

Sunday 9th October

Our singer was ill and therefore couldn’t make the practice. We decided to set up and jam lots of ideas. Our current writing style is heavily based around the use of samples and electronic elements rather than a more traditional rock set up (drums, bass, guitar and keys).



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