Devising Song Lyrics from passion paragraph

Having previously been asked to write a paragraph about something we felt strongly/were passionate about we supplemented this by using said paragraph to create lyrics for our one chord song we had previously written.

The lyrics I devised were as follows;

Animal cruelty is the topic today, there’s so much about it I want to say, But I only have a few more bars, So I’ll just let you in on a few memoirs. // A memoir is a historical account, written from something we feel strongly about, In this case it’s when my dog got kicked, And at that point something inside me clicked. // Animals cannot defend themselves, They cannot speak out, or ask for help, For this reason alone, if no other, People shouldn’t maltreat them – c’mon brother // I’ve run out of time, and also bars, So I’ll leave you now, enjoy the sick beat.

Due to the formatting of these WordPress documents I have written it as one whole paragraph; capitalising where a new line would begin and using “//” to mark new paragraphs.

I found devising the lyrics pretty easy, using simple stanzas and not overly complicating the syntax. Using the power and conviction in the paragraph could have resulted in deep harrowing lyrics and I considered using different persona’s to narrate the piece. In the end I chose a satyrical, almost comic method of spoken word mixed with rapping. This seemed like the most easy going way of getting across the points I wanted to say.


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