Maximising Video Reach

Steve Lawson brought up and interesting point whilst discussing the logistics and the intricacies of video reach. Leaving the lesson with a number of different points to investigate I set about doing research into the different areas. From the platform onto which the video is uploaded to the custom thumbnail that is chosen and uploaded for the video a collection of different factors can affect how the video performs.

As artists we are obviously focussed on maximising the video reach; pushing our music out to the widest range of people possible. This is a highly contested area; as on youtube alone 35 hours of video are uploaded… every minute. (1) So to have your video stand out over the others and actually be noticed certain strategies need to put employed. The ones outlined in this article are:

  1. Create compelling videos
  2. Make your video findable
  3. Brand your youtube channel
  4. Use annotations to build subscribers
  5. Post a bulletin and alert your friends and subscribers
  6. Use Youtube Ads
  7. Leverage other social media platforms
  8. Review Youtube insights

I would recognise all of these as valid points and will now proceed to analyse how much potency they have as methods for maximising video reach. Creating compelling and interesting videos is a given; growing the reach on a video that is boring or has nothing engaging about is impossible (or near impossible). Making your videos findable is very important, using fitting tags, having the right title, having a fitting and interesting thumbnail is vital to the organic growth of a video. Branding your youtube channel could be important depending on what the purpose of these videos is; if they are commercials advertising a product then it can be vital. Points 4 to 6 are more about growing the reach of a full channel yet could be applied to a single video if needed. Using leverage from other social media platforms is especially important in this current time; with cross platform sharing being prominent. Personally, I put a video on youtube, share in on twitter and personal and artist Facebook pages. Lastly, viewing the youtube insights can be great; as it allows you to see your demographic and then tailor following videos to those specific people. In addition, the contextual metadata taken by youtube will tell you how long people watched your video; therefor informing you if people clicked away early on in the clip. This and more can help you decide and tailor your videos for the maximum impact.

Overall, videos can and are one of the main ways of engaging a captive audience. So their effectiveness and reach directly correlate with success and marketability.

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