Rehearsal Evaluation

This is a rough rehearsal video of Donna Lee, a Charlie Parker song which Raph, Mirron and I adapted to be able to play with two guitars and drums.

Working with these two is always a very productive session as we are all focussed on what we want to get done and can communicate and develop ideas well. We began by addressing the arrangement of the two guitars, with what each would play and the overall structure of the piece. Raph plays the ‘melody’ with Mirron playing through the chords, then Mirron takes a solo over Raph playing through the chords then back to the melody to finish.. with a dab. While they were working on their parts I tried and then decided on a swirl with the left on the snare, whilst playing a form of jazz swing with the right across the snare, only keeping time on the 2 and 4 with the hi-hat in the first melody before implementing the kick drum on the second and third time through the standard. Whilst playing through it we decided on the tempo, allowing Mirron to count off the piece. We also decided to work on adapting the dynamics while playing, meaning I went to the ride for a portion of the third time through the standard before picking up at the ending. Due to intelligent and focussed discussions and a mutual desire to achieve and produce and perform a good piece this was a very productive rehearsal.


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