Promotional Strategies for Live Events

The fundamental aim for a promotor of a live event is to make people attend the event in question. But how do they go about achieving this?


There are a number of different parts to this: On Facebook for example you can create events and invite people to this. Post videos or photos of this artists playing at your event and include the details such as times and prices on these. Once these have been posted, they can be boosted, which by using Facebook’s contextual metadata can reach a much wider range of people that Facebook’s algorithms deem suitable. The artists themselves will post on here (if they are active) and that in itself will promote the gig. Aside from this there are a wide range of different social media platforms which a promotor could capitalise on and use to promote their event (Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud etc). Online newspapers and magazines, blogs, music websites and Youtube.. the list goes on. All of these can be used as different methods of expanding and extending a promotors reach.


Any physical printed method of promotion will fall into this category, so posters in the town where the event will take place would be an example. With this form it is harder to target people who would be interested and attend a music event so by placing these in places such as music shops, rehearsal rooms, live music venues could help to draw in more people. Adverts in newspapers and music magazines, getting your event onto an event calendar and other forms of media will also benefit. Flyers will work in a very similar way to the posters.


This is something that will develop gradually but as a promotor does more and more events they will begin to have a reputation and when they have an event on people will talk to each other about it and eventually begin to bring friends along to the events.


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