Craig Blundell’s Online Presence

Drummer | Educator | Writer | Programmer | Clinician. This is the tag below his title on his personal website;

All of these titles apply and I am going to trawl through his social media and other online areas to provide an analysis of his online presence.

I will begin with his Facebook page:


On the page at the point I am writing this piece he has 24,830 likes. Although this a a substantial number of people, due to Facebook’s algorithms and paid marketing strategies he is unlikely to reach a large percentage of these people. He has however used things such as Facebook Live, a new feature that will cause all of the people who like his page to be sent a notification informing them that he has “gone live”, this leading to the 20,987 views the video had achieved.


“The aim of the game is to grow your number of followers – when people hit the ‘Follow’ button under your streams, they’ll get a notification next time you go live, building up your views and engagement with each video.”(1)

So in essence, or theory, a larger and larger online presence can be achieved through successive live videos, building the presence each time. However, Craig isn’t particularly active on Facebook Live, probably due to a highly demanding workload. But he regularly posts, every one or two days, meaning his fans have a constant stream of info and photos they can readily interact with.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.26.56.png

Moving now onto his instagram, again he posts regularly, a mixture of content, from what he’s playing to who he is playing with. He has a smaller following on here when compared to Facebook, but his percentage interaction is significantly higher, due to Instagram not blocking his posts out if he does not sponsor them.

He is also highly active on twitter and regularly uploads a variety of videos to his Youtube channel; but his website, where all of these different sites are collected together is testament to his carefully planned and well thought-out social media presence.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.37.30.png

Everything is intuitively linked, well detailed and aesthetically pleasing to view and navigate. Overall, a cohesive overview to his genuine, charismatic social media presence.


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