Ivory Wave O2 Academy Headline


Ivory Wave, my band had a headline concert at the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham. Achieving the attendance we wanted and making the event as a whole memorable; something we could qualify as a success needed large amounts of work. Delegation of the different roles and tasks was vital, so this was our first port of call.

Communally, we all needed to contribute to the performance itself. Work on the stage show in terms of transitions, making the leap from a gig (where a band on stage plays some tracks) to an actual concert (where the spectacle is more than just the songs). This was a conscious decision made within the band as a whole. Outside of this we began delegating individual responsibilities;

The members of the band are as follows:

  • George – vocals
  • Luke –  Bass
  • Connor – Guitar
  • Rob – Keys
  • Sebastian (me) – Drums

We immediately decided that promotion should be a major focus in the run up to the concert itself; “promotions refer to the entire set of activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The idea is to make people aware, attract and induce to buy the product, in preference over others.”(1)

The social media accounts for the band are predominantly managed by George; so he was assigned promotion through this avenue. Email correspondence with promotors is controlled by Luke so he used our mailing list and the contacts we had gained up to this point to reach out to and promote the concert via this route. The other two and I didn’t take such an active role in the promotion; although we would message people privately who we thought would want to attend the event.

Outside of this we decided that the image needed an overhaul, with both the on-stage and off-stage appearances of the band needing some amendments. This was once again done as a group, sitting round we discussed what would be worn at the gig and how we would present ourselves on the day.


The final result was as follows, two of us wearing white t-shirts, one with a shiny red bomber jacket over the top. The others wore dark colours, accessorised with different jackets and watches etc.

Moving on from this we began to discuss the previously mentioned stage show. For this we decided that I personally needed to acquire a few things; an attachable stand to hold my mixing desk to tidy up my on-stage setup. A printed kick drum skin with the band logo on it. Aside from that, the rest of the band were tasked with getting bits and pieces to make the stage show appear more slick and professional. We also came to a mutual decision that the tickets we sold personally should be sent out with some extra’s, to accomplish this we ordered a batch of stickers with the bands logo so these could be sent out with the tickets.

We setup a bigcartel.com online store to sell the tickets from. Thus gaining us direct contact info with fans in addition consolidating all the sales to one place. Removing the otherwise confusing matters of selling tickets individually and then attempting to manage and deal with all the money coming from different places. At this moment in time we have one setup for our upcoming concert and are following the same framework for the marketing. Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.22.41.pnghttp://ivorywave.bigcartel.com/

As a whole by the gig day we had sold 122 tickets; so we feel that our marketing strategies went remarkably well. We had all communicated about the design for the kick drum skin and had that made. The tickets has been sold and sent out with the stickers, which in turn created yet more of an online buzz.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.33.06.png

We all collaborated on all of these processes and I feel like little could have been done to improve the final result.

In terms of how well we all achieved our own personal goals the results powered through on the gig day. The setup and soundcheck went very smoothly indeed. The gig itself was superb, this being judged both from our own personal opinion as well as the audience reaction.

The scope of my own role was slightly limited in the scope of the overall production as I have no control of the groups social media so my communication with people was limited to using my own means of contact. Although this was not massively detrimental to our overall sales I feel more could have been achieved has I been more on top of these aspects. However, for the production of the skin I used contacts I had myself and had one made to a very high specification for a reduced price. I used Rockstar drumskins; and the skin speaks for itself. (2)


What will now follow is a risk assessment of the venue, the O2 academy3 in Birmingham.

“a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking”(3)

Whilst unloading the van we made sure not to overstrain ourselves, splitting up what needed to be carried between everyone. We discussed other things that could cause issues on the day of the concert.

  • Injuries (either on the day of the performance or prior to the date that could incapacitate someone to the point they couldn’t play).
  • Illness (the same concept as above, with someone being ill to a point that they couldn’t play).

Once inside we communicated with the in-house team to see that all cables we taped down. All lights had been double checked. There was nothing obstructing any of the exits. We also recommended to fans that they wore ear-protection.

The date that we needed to have everything in place was the 14th January. We performed the gig successfully on that day so I feel we more than accomplished what we set out to do. Although there we not official write ups of the concert I found a selection of comments on twitter:

We found that all of the items initially mentioned had contributed well; the kick drum for example giving more of a sense of a brand. I do however feel as though we could have benefited from improved communication throughout the whole process, as some things would get omitted due to not being spoken about.


  1. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/definition/promotions
  2. http://www.rockstarskins.co.uk/
  3. http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/controlling-risks.htm

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