How bands are influenced by their cultural origins

Oasis were a band highly influenced by the culture they grew up in. They came from Manchester at a vibrant time for the Manchester music scene. Through out the 1980s and early 1990s bands such as The Smiths, The Charlatans, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses were highly popular especially in Manchester.

Looking at Oasis’s first album a lot of the lyrical content is based on getting out of where they live and finding something better. In fact a lot of the lyrics show quite a negative view towards their lives in Manchester. One example of this is the song ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ this song expresses the view that the only things worth doing are smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and that there is no point in them working hard because there is nothing worth working for. This theme of expressing a negative view towards their location is present throughout the bands early work. This seems to be what fuelled Oasis’s attitude which is portrayed in the music as well as in their presence within interviews and the way they were marketed with the negative attitude and the large sense of humour, one of the things many people liked about Oasis was their honesty and lack of care for remarks they made about other bands and artists which seemed to fuel and build the attitude of the band they have been triggered by their negative view of the place they came from which is mixed with their pride of being working class from Manchester which produces this mix of pride which is also expressed publicly by the band and the want for a better more exciting life.

It seems that rather than the location directly influencing Oasis it is rather the bands attitude towards the location which gives the influence. This is not only evident in their lyrics their sound as a band is almost a huge yell forcing people to listen to what they have to say. The records were also mixed like this with a huge wall of noise being produce with everything at high volumes. This sound complements the bands attitude which is all derived from the influence produced by their location or rather the yearn to get out of their location.

There are also examples of bands that gain influence from location which they are not based in for example Skindred are a band formed and based in Newport south Wales but took a lot of influence from reggae which originated in Jamaica. This is a great example of how a locations culture can have an influence of bands/artists that may have not even have been to that location. Skindred incorporate reggae with metal music. This influence helped Skindred create their sounds which probably would not have been possible without the influence. This location influence most likely came from listening to reggae records which wouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t for the original influence on Jamaican musicians from their location and culture.


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