How technology has influenced a bands work

Rush are a Canadian progressive rock band formed in 1968 they have been releasing albums from 1974.(1) As the decades past and the technology progressed Rush’s music also changed with the introduction of new technology. When Rush began releasing records in the 1970s there sound was highly influenced by the Blues and Rock n Roll with much attention on the guitar riffs and solid bass and drums. Some tracks followed blues forms some were very riff based for example the track “working man” is very riff based and is not particular progressive if anything it is hard rock.(2) At this point you can even here some black sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Cream.

As they progressed through the 1970s Rush seem to become more influenced by bands such and genesis and Jethro Tull this is when they became more progression and with the advances of the electric keyboard we start to see more keyboard in the records as we go through the 1980s the huge advancement in the technology of synthesisers allowed them to experiment more with them and the records become more new wave sounding with a huge amount of synthesised sounds In the music although guitar and bass still played a key role in the music. It was this advancement in the technology of synthesisers that allowed Rush to change their sound resulting in a complete obvious change in their work when you compare it back to their earlier records. Although through this guitar and guitar gear e.g. Amps, pedals etc technology is progressing and by the end of the 1980s the guitar was able to reach a much wider variety of sounds. This may not be the cause for Rush’s next sound change but it definitely played a role in it.

At the end of the 1980s Rush revived their old guitar based sound although with the advancement of guitar, bass, keyboard and drum gear their sound did change again hitting more of the alternative rock sound. Of course this chance of sound was deliberately moulded by the band but this was made easier and more accurately by the latest advancement of the time. Technology played a key role in Rush’s sound throughout their career as well as countless other artists/bands and producers as it will alway continue to do the technology development mixed with artistic creativity enables music to be moulded and developed in to endless sounds and styles.


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