Band Rehearsal and Performance Additions


During the build up to a performance there are a number of goals that must be accomplished. The most basic of these is what the material to be performed is. For our HND music show we all selected a variety of different pieces in different styles to perform. One piece we chose was a rendition of Charlie Parker’s Donna Lee; the musicians for this were chosen as me on the drums, Raph and Mirron on guitar. We then implicated the strategies needed for the rehearsals.

  1. Choose material
  2. Learn material
  3. Initial rehearsals – idea arrangements
  4. Consolidation
  5. Performance ready

So.. having chosen the material for performance we went away and learnt the material. The following step is rehearsal, Louie Armstrong is quoted as saying “I warm up at home. I hit the stage, I’m ready, whether it’s rehearsal or anything.” *1 and I think that this is a good mentality to have regarding preparation and rehearsals. It is worth noting that we had a discussion about part 3 prior to learning the material so had therefore decided to change the feel of the piece slightly, with me simplifying the drums and only playing swirls on the snare with brushes. Coming back to the rehearsals we were all well prepared and able to quickly tighten up the final pieces of the arrangement. Consolidating and making the whole piece performance ready was accomplished soon after.

1 –


For the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of structured rehearsal series for a performance I am going to use my band Ivory Wave. We played a headline concert at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and the end of January this year and prepared extensively for it.



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